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What do we do?

The syn2cat community occupies and operates a Hackerspace in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg. We collaborate on several projects, and host various events.

Why join?

Been taking apart your mum’s toaster, modding your dad’s car, programming your own operating system or building the next generation cylons? Sounds like you’re one of us.

What do we offer?

Our friendly environment enables you to work on your own or community projects. We have all the tools you’d ever require and will even buy those you don’t. Produce your own objects with our Makerbot (3D printer), flash your micro-controllers with our µC programmers, pilot a quadkopter, etch your own circuit boards, use our library, or become a member of the team that produces the Lët’z Hack radio show.

There’s still more services, and infrastructure the space puts at your disposal and by becoming a member, you support a unique infrastructure in all of Luxembourg.

What can you contribute?

All new ideas, the crazier the better, are welcome. Also innovative problem solving is highly praised. Enriching the hackerspace with self-made software or hardware reflects what this is all about: creativity and technology.
If you don’t know what to do, there is always stuff around to pick up and make it prosper.
You also can just have a good time with other members around a drink in one of the many spontaneous talking rounds.

What about the bucks?

The minimum membership fee is 114 EUR yearly (which is only 9.5 EUR/month) but you are free to give more… Check out the Membership for more details and the application form.

Need more info?

Check out our About page, if you need more information on syn2cat. There are also a FAQ, presentations and press information.

When you have decided you want to join the association, hurry over to the membership information page. Or why not just pay us a visit?

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  1. Luc Jun 9, 2014 21:33

    .. ma dann huelt och d’ Gemeng Stroossen bei Äeren Sponsoren eraus !

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