I spy with my eye something… 3

…high-energy particle physics.

These particular chalkboard musings were the leftovers from a one-man jam session, when Bartek was plowing his way through some journal papers as preparation for his new research job. Apparently, all constants on the board are infinity, but they’re nice infinities– they learned how to play with other– so you can solve the equations anyway.

This is fresh on the heels of the d’Wort interview, where we discussed how a hackerspace isn’t just a room where people play with blinky LEDs and program computers, but is also a space where real work, real science, and real research is done.

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3 thoughts on “I spy with my eye something…

  1. Georges Kesseler Feb 16, 2011 20:19

    Has that wort.lu interview been published or will this happen in the next days?

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