syn2cat at the 25th student’s fair

We all tend to repeat the good things in our lives and so does syn2cat.
On November 10th and 11th, the hackerspace was present at the 25th issue of the “Foire de l’Etudiant”. After the success of 2010, where we gained at least three new members, BEESECURE, the Luxembourgian operation for internet awareness raising, invited us yet again, together with the nightlife reporting site to participate in their booth.

The syn2cat stand, which had our new and shining flyers on display, consisted of

  • our makerbot,
  • a few soldering stations,
  • a large TV showcasing some of our projects,
  • a large game of life led matrix
  • a parrot ardrone,
  • the very popular GRL throwies,
  • and above all a great team of motivated syn2cat devotees.

We’re always positively amazed at the number of girls who take a liking in our booth (or maybe it’s just the attractive nerds they’re after ;)). We give our best explaining to them, as to everyone else, what hacking is to us, what a hackerspace is, what amazing opportunities it offers, in what ways they may profit from our varied skilled members and specifically what projects they could realize at the space.

We introduced a novelty to our booth this year which consisted of a Club-Mate challenge. Solving either of three different (and not too difficult) challenges won you a 0.33l bottle of Club Mate. Just enough to get you addicted to that stuff …

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