qrcodes at syn2cat

We introduced a simple qrcode system and some stickers already found their way on to items.
Check out the one on the makerbot.


Stickers for members’ use are hanging on the office locker.


What can be done with the stickers?

The sticker says “Property of” with the syn2cat logo. That should be clear. It’s syn2cat stuff.
If not, the member writes his pseudo on the sticker, then it’s e.g. “Property of Gunstick”.
If you bring material to the space and want that people know it’s yours, use a sticker, write your name.

The sticker also has 3 options: use, hack, private. Quite self explaining.

use: anyone can use the item, but respectfully in it’s intended fashion. Don’t break it.
hack: do whatever you want, transform into a robot, retrieve that nice LED …
private: don’t touch! This is a personal item. e.g. Your harddisk with important data.

Pretty much everything is currently getting the “use” option.

And finally the sticker has an URL on it, pointing to http://i.syn2cat.lu/
Either scan the QR code or enter the 3-letter code into the form of the website.
This is a simple URL redirector which you can make point to any URL you want (e.g. the explaining wiki page)

Basic rule:
you bring something to the space that you want to keep in healthy shape: put a sticker on it
items get taken from the space to go on an event: everything gets a sticker!


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