Not at Not my Department

It happens again, the well-known annual Chaos Communication Congress, all about technology, society and utopia.

For 29 years already, hackers are encouraged to contribute by volunteering, setting up and hosting hands-on events with the other components of their assembly or presenting their own projects to fellow hackers.

During four days from December 27th to 30th this year’s congress Not my department offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics including information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.

But what about the people who can’t go there? Some of us syn2cat hackers stay at home who are definitely not at Not my department. What about you?

We think, ehm no, we are sure that we can do our own little living room convention with some sort of original 29C3 congress ambience. With 120 square meters hackerspace we’re not as big as 29C3 but we’ll have at least as much fun for sure!

With live streams (which we’re hopefully setting up) to the congress we’ll enjoy all the lectures while we’re not in a hurry for grabbing the last free seat as our fellow hackers are. With some chances we’re also able to connect directly to the 29C3 network where you gain access to a huge knowledge base to be freely consumed.

Beside watching the lectures, sharing ideas and having geek discussions there are a couple of other activities. A former syn2cat member and now a visitor announced a food hacking workshop

There’s even more than that. The long-awaited new edition of The Famous Etching and Soldering Workshop will take place again – the only one in 2012.

If you ever wanted to learn building your own circuit board the workshop is absolutely right for you. At the end of the workshop you can switch off any TV which just sucks you, be it the one in your favourite restaurant or the hundreds in Saturn.

Not only geeks are welcome. We open the doors for everyone these days and we’ll be very glad to show you around, explain you the marble adder or just have some smalltalk with you!

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