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On Wednesday the 21st of October, LiLux, the Luxembourgish Linux User Group met in Strassen. Almost ’til midnight, a multi-cultural and multi-generational mix of geeks led discussions in up to four languages in parallel. People talked about difficulties with non-GNU versions of tar, Firefox’s “safebrowsing” capabilities and operation of the Sheevaplug embedded system, amongst other topics which I didn’t catch.

Alain and Thierry raised an interesting opportunity for PHP coders: a multi-club membership managment system. While LiLux has such a system in place the code is, so Alain, a mess, and should be cleaned up and objectified a bit. There was even talk of making a workshop out of it so people can learn a bit of PHP while creating something which will be in actual use!

As is absolutely necessary the evening was rounded off with a healthy dose of Windows bashing and the ever so popular “friends and family tech support woes”!

Everyone seemed eager to revive LiLux and keep meeting in Strassen: “now that we know where it is!”

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