Lët’z Hack! 47 – Arrrduino Pirates and NOT the Carribeans

Dear Lët’z Hack! listeners, Arduino hackers and folks out there!

syn2cat Arrrrduino Pirate T-Shirt (click on image)

The 6th of August this year, syn2ship will put out to sea to conquer all new terrains and master new challenges. Since 2005 the Arduino [0] has become a powerful and strong friend of fellow hackers out there and has set course now for the 47th radio show of syn2cat Lët’z Hack! [1]

With Arrrrduino Pirates we will stick into the sea of bits & bytes and will see the very beginning of this open and free technology as the complexity of that can be achieved with it. Of course the bitfearing will be accompanied by free music to support the flows of thoughts of the hardware hackers.

If you have any suggestion regarding the music we’ll be playing in this show, we really would appreciate to get some hints of free chiptune artist with their free works.

As the Arduino platform and environment around it is hard to cover while an hour filled up with music, we decided to extend this show to 120 minutes, fragmented on two weekends. This should buy us a bit more time and we even can have a bit more 8-bit music.

If anyone out there is willing to join us on our journey, please write a mail to the discuss mailing list / to myself or come along.

Cheers mates!

[0] Official Arduino Website
[1] Lët’z Hack! 47 – Arrrrduino Pirates and NOT the Carribeans (Wiki)

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