Communication Security

Dear syn2cat & non-yet-syn2cat folks!

Communication Security is a term that can be defined by a few point of views, so trollchen & prometheus from C3L, but also in syn2cat decided to give it their own definition for this Saturday evening talk and though to illustrate it with their own views, opinions and ideas, but always in consideration of the fact that not all topics can be covered because of the short time.

The focus lies on e-mail en/decryption as the signing and the Off-the-record messaging protocol to secure instant messaging conversations. Securing online communication by additional protocols are also part of the program as are social networks and a general discussion about privacy. In the there will also be some sort of workshop to show people – no matter what OS – how to enable these features.

It will be the first, but not the last time that this talk goes out there, because improving and reflecting is also an important part of the event.

Anyway, hope to see you on Saturday night @ 6 o’clock in syn2cat Hackerspace.

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