LHC2 – be part of it


Dear fellow hackers,

Syn2cat invites you to join us visiting the Shackspace in Stuttgart from August 26th to 28th when the Large Hacker Convention 2 takes place.

What’s the Large Hacker Convention?

The Large Hackerspace Convention Episode II should be exactly that. Hackerspaces and hackerspace-folks from all over Germany, Europe, the world, our galaxy, and the rest of the universe will meet for an informal exchange of knowledge.

Together we’ll talk about our experiences and ideas regarding the hackerspace movement.
In short: hacking, chillout, talking, exchange of ideas, doing things.

The event is organized similar to a barcamp (as in: there’s not much planned in detail, really low-orga-level).
There will be an approximation of a program but we’re still working on that.

The LHC2 won’t just be pure fun but also a weekend of lots of education in hacking software and hardware. You’ll have the chance to listen to the following talks and to attend a series of workshops.


  • This is Lorem Ipsum (A quick recap of the history of lorem ipsum) (hadez / shackspace)
  • IPv6 bei einem ISP im WAN (tim (ät) shackspace . de)
  • Nutzen und Risiken der Bereitstellung von Internet-Zugängen (Sonntag spaet-nachmittag) (pi at opsec.eu)
  • JavaScript im Jahr 2011 (Scytale/RaumZeitLabor)


  • PCB Design for beginners (slopjong / syn2cat)
  • Etching (slopjong / syn2cat)
  • Soldering for beginners (slopjong / syn2cat)
  • Just Fucking Shoot (h0uz3 of shackspace)
  • Physical destruction of Blackberry smart phones (h0uz3 of shackspace)

The schedule is still open for everyone and thus you still can have a talk there by just adding it to the list on the shackspace wiki.

Be part of it.

To share a car send us an email to electronics@hackerspace.lu to get the ride arranged. Check the shackspace webpage for some more information about the accomodation.

See you at the LHC2 at the latest 😉

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