Coding Contest in its first edition

Dear syn2cat reader, hackers & coders out there!

This Saturday – tomorrow – will be the first edition of the official syn2cat Coding Contest, realized by destructive.

Scraaatch! What is this about?

Well you probably all know what a contest is and if not look it up on Wikipedia. Well coding is a synonym for programming (here) and means nothing other than writing programs/applications on operating systems like GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, etc. (here). So there are no restrictions, neither on the language you like to use for the challenge, nor the ban of references of any kind. There will be different levels of difficulty as different given challenges.

The contest will start around 3 PM and will meet its end around 6 PM. In combination of the live stream lectures running in the chill room from the CCC Camp ’11 there should be enough motivation for you to get you and your notebook over to this place here in just another hackerspace coin of the world wide web.

If you’d like to get some more information on the contest, an example exercise to code or to contact the organizer, please consider the dedicated wiki page.

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