See how our Blinkentrees are made – Part 1

Material for our Blinkentrees has been ordered and arrived. Blinkentrees are electronic Christmas trees which are sold on the X-Mas market in Strassen in December.


Because a whole bunch of such trees are to be built, a strict plan is required to get them finished in time. Thus we will start the Blinkentree 2011 Project tonight and you have the chance to see live how such circuit boards are made. Even if you are new in the electronics field, you’ll get a good understanding of how it’s done. Any questions will be answered and it takes you nothing to interact with us.

If you’re coming to help out, bring some old clothes with you. If you want to visit us just to see how the process is, feel free to do so.

Meeting Point:

Hackerspace Strassen
11, rue de cimetiere

Start: 20:00
Duration: 1h

Cost: 0€

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