Projects 2023

Come to the syn2cat hackerspace to socialise, to learn and to attend the workshops you can find on our projects page: SolderingMarble adderMicrocontroller programmingRetrogamingHome Automation Workshops calendar will be available soon, please contact us to share your interest or come to Level2 on Tuesday evening from 20:00.

CTF during 36C3

If you are planning to become a 1337 haxor or you are an renowned CyberSecurity specialist looking for an escape route during the festive period or you are just curious and want to learn more about the ‘dark side’ of computing then we have you covered. Join the team that represented Luxembourg at the European ...

Slides from Digital Privacy Salon 7/03/15

The slides from Matthieu’s presentation on “Social networking by the terms” at the last Digital Privacy Salon are available here (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

CoderDojo Luxembourg 1

  Weekly CoderDojo in Luxembourg at the local HackerSpace every Thursday at 18:00. It is intended for 12-18 Year olds (but younger Kids are welcome too) On the Agenda: Welcome and Future Dojo Events One hour of code to kick it off Quick show and tell what we made Bring a healthy snack to keep ...

Digital Privacy Salon 10/01/15 1

Join us for the 1st Privacy Salon of the year to make some New Years Privacy Resolutions. Bring all those new devices you got for Christmas/St Nick and secure them at an all day Salon with CryptoKids activities, videos and free pizza! Luxembourg Digital Privacy Salon is free, intended for everyone, no prior technical expertise ...