My, oh my, back to the hackerspace! What will I find when I get there?

Hmm… a few too many keys were awaiting me when I came back to Lux. Who remembers what keys are for where after 15 months? (Hint, it’s probably not the Roadster key. But that one was in my pocket, too.)


Free pasta?!! You guys are the greatest! Just what a hungry hacker needs to get the creative juices flowing.







Oh, no, the free pasta is a cunning trap to get someone else to wash the box!







Ahhhhhh… my iMac, how have I missed you. Have they treated you well in my absence?



What??? My mac has been turned against me! Trollchen stand forward and confess to your crimes!

Oh, wait, I just had to use my syn2cat login. Sneeeeeeeeaky.


Hey, didn’t I use to have a few hundred thousand legos in that corner?


Now, if I were a giant marble calculator, where would I hide? Ahah, it’s in here.






There really is no place like home. Glad to be back!

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