collision detection: workshops and talks all around

We are going to start the school year by having a Radioshow on RadioAra on the 15th of September 2012.
Muling & Thierry will be live on 103.3, 105.2 FM and so tune in and get the latest news on what is going on @ syn2cat’s Hackerspace.

So what’s new in 2012/2013:

Many talks and workshops

Some that have been confirmed:

and others to come, so stay tuned 😉
The Dates of the talks and workshops are going to be published soon.
Everybody is welcome to the Talks. If you want to attend a workshop, you have to add yourself to the attendee’s page on the respective Wiki Page.
You can’t add yourself to the UAV Workshop anymore but you may come along and have a look at what we are doing 😉

If you want to hold a workshop or a talk contact us.

New Lab room design

There are a whole bunch of workstations waiting for you with power, internet access and Screens with VGA/DVI/HDMI ports. And if you don’t bring your own Computer / Notebook to work on, we got some at the Hackerspace for you.
There are two HDMI Screens waiting for your Raspberry Pi’s to get connected too 😉


The makerbot has more space than ever and is just waiting for your 3D elements to be printed.

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