Projects 2023

Come to the syn2cat hackerspace to socialise, to learn and to attend the workshops you can find on our projects page: SolderingMarble adderMicrocontroller programmingRetrogamingHome Automation Workshops calendar will be available soon, please contact us to share your interest or come to Level2 on Tuesday evening from 20:00.

Marble Adder 4

Every 2 years the science festival invites to bring science to young people. It is split into 2 parts. The first 2 days are for dedicated workshops with groups from various schools. The last 2 days are open to the public. Being a bit late with our submission we came up with the nice idea ...

Mechanical binary adder by syn2cat hackerspace 1

Several months of bending and soldering copper wires are gradually bearing their fruits. To be publicly unveiled at MNHN’s Science-Festival from November 10th through 13th, syn2cat’s 4-bit adder built entirely from copper wire, copper tubing, lead solder and marbles is nearing completion. Catch a first glimpse of this ball-machine con calculator in the following youtube ...

PS3 Move Hack on HackADay

We’re proud to announce that one of our Members Project has been featured on Hackaday: Kenn’s PS3 Move Hack is featured on the famous blog where he gives explanations to his hack and Project. If you want to read Kenn’s diary about the project so you may visit the project page on

Lët’z Hack! – The hacker programme with syn2cat

Join the members of the Luxembourgish hackerspace, syn2cat, on a journey through the exciting world of technology. Accentuated by progressive electronic music we present new developments in electronics and computer science and report on congruent news from the art and music scenes. Together with interesting guests we aim to discuss the problems raised by intellectual ...