Ubuntu Release Party 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot 1

It hasn’t been that long ago that our last Ubuntu Release Party took place. It was the first one with some talks and presentations. Hopefully in the future there will even attend more folks and may be even do their own hacks on the party. Until the next one it still is a while, but ...

PS3 Move Hack on HackADay

We’re proud to announce that one of our Members Project has been featured on Hackaday: Kenn’s PS3 Move Hack is featured on the famous blog where he gives explanations to his hack and Project. If you want to read Kenn’s diary about the project so you may visit the project page on www.eissq.com/ps3_move/

Hacking the PS3 Move 1

I can’t believe it. It’s 4AM, and I’m just now leaving the hackerspace, after having made the final push to get the Hacking the Playstation 3 Move page out the door. Thanks to all at the syn2cat who made this possible.

After the Black Adder, the half-adder

Jhemp built this across the space of a week. It’s quite impressive, indeed! This is the basic building block of an adder, itself a subcomponent of the full mechanical calculator we hope to build for the 2011 Science Festival.

I spy with my eye something… 3

…high-energy particle physics. These particular chalkboard musings were the leftovers from a one-man jam session, when Bartek was plowing his way through some journal papers as preparation for his new research job. Apparently, all constants on the board are infinity, but they’re nice infinities– they learned how to play with other– so you can solve ...