Communication Security

Dear syn2cat & non-yet-syn2cat folks! Communication Security is a term that can be defined by a few point of views, so trollchen & prometheus from C3L, but also in syn2cat decided to give it their own definition for this Saturday evening talk and though to illustrate it with their own views, opinions and ideas, but ...

Lët’z Hack! 47 – Arrrduino Pirates and NOT the Carribeans

Dear Lët’z Hack! listeners, Arduino hackers and folks out there! The 6th of August this year, syn2ship will put out to sea to conquer all new terrains and master new challenges. Since 2005 the Arduino [0] has become a powerful and strong friend of fellow hackers out there and has set course now for the ...

Ubuntu Release Party 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot 1

It hasn’t been that long ago that our last Ubuntu Release Party took place. It was the first one with some talks and presentations. Hopefully in the future there will even attend more folks and may be even do their own hacks on the party. Until the next one it still is a while, but ...

PS3 Move Hack on HackADay

We’re proud to announce that one of our Members Project has been featured on Hackaday: Kenn’s PS3 Move Hack is featured on the famous blog where he gives explanations to his hack and Project. If you want to read Kenn’s diary about the project so you may visit the project page on

Hacking the PS3 Move 1

I can’t believe it. It’s 4AM, and I’m just now leaving the hackerspace, after having made the final push to get the Hacking the Playstation 3 Move page out the door. Thanks to all at the syn2cat who made this possible.